18th jul 2015

Some surprising, pleasant moments become memorable one –for one's whole life. Recently I had one such a moment.I have written biography of Dr. Bala Balachandar Dean Great lake Institute of management in this Jan. The book was released in a colorful function at Mumbai  in Jan15. Mr.Rathan  Tata was scheduled to  release the same. But due his sudden illness on that day he could not make it and Mr. Adi godrej chairman of Godrj group  released the book  in that function.

Recently Mr.Rathan Tata was in Chennai to deliver convocation address of GLIM. Prof Bala invited me for that function and introduced me to Rathan Tata. During introduction Mr. Tata told me “I read your book.  It is a nice presentation “.When   I handed over a copy of the book to him  he said  "sign your name and give"

For a second I lost myself -due to this unexpected, unlivable surprising shock. Mr. Rathan Tata is asking my book with my signature!   While handing over the book with my signature I requested him to oblige me with his autograph in another copy of the same book.Immediately he sat on the sofa nearby, took  his pen and  signed gently in  the book with “ best wishes to Ramanan”

I thank the Almighty for this blessed moment of my life and prof Bala  for providing  it  

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